Warehouse integration service
Reduce costs and increase efficiency, so that the supply chain becomes your competitiveness
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Warehouse with one service

We have 150,000 square meters of storage area in China, and have outlets and standardized large-scale warehouses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Changzhou, Shijiazhuang and other cities.
  1. Storage leasing service
    Split sharing storage mode
  2. Warehousing custody service
    Process management + customized service
  3. Logistics and distribution service
    Self-operated logistics + special line distribution
  4. Warehouse integration service
    WMS&TMS warehouse integrated solution

Warehouse integrated service advantage

Fine management to provide customers with quality one-stop warehouse integrated management services

Warehouse integrated solution


  1. Kunshan Ercang
  2. Kunshan Ercang
  3. Kunshan Ercang
  4. Kunshan Yicang
  5. Kunshan Yicang
  6. Kunshan Yicang
  7. Shenzhen Warehouse
  8. Changzhou Warehouse
  9. Beijing granary
  10. Canton Warehouse
  11. Chungking Granary
  12. Wuhanchang
  13. Pudong Sancang
  14. Pudong Ercang
  15. Pudong Yicang
  16. Ercang
  17. Ercang
  18. Ercang
  19. Shijiazhuang Yicang
  20. Shijiazhuang Yicang
  21. Shijiazhuang Yicang
  22. Hefei Park Rental
  23. Hefei Park Rental
  24. 合肥园区
  25. Hefei Icang
  26. Hefei Icang
  27. Hefei Icang

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