Labor human rights policy

Labor human rights policy

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human rights policy

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and implement human rights protection, we hereby refer to the International Bill of Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and other international standards. We adopt recognized human rights standards and formulate human rights policies that apply to the company and its affiliated companies to prevent infringements and violations of human rights, provide a reasonably safe workplace, and ensure that current employees of the company are treated reasonably and with dignity.

human rights assessment

While pursuing sustainable business operations, the company also pays attention to increasing attention to people and the environment, and assumes and promotes social responsibility for employees, consumers, and the overall environment.

Human Rights Concerns and Practices

Provide a safe and healthy working environment

The company provides a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with laws and regulations, conducts regular safety and health, fire protection and other related education and training, and takes necessary preventive measures to prevent occupational disasters and thereby reduce risk factors in the working environment.

Eliminate unlawful discrimination to reasonably ensure equal employment opportunities

In terms of employment, salary and benefits, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or retirement and other labor rights matters, the company does not treat employees and job applicants on the basis of race, class, language, thought, religion, party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation Unfair treatment based on factors such as age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities, zodiac sign, blood type or other discrimination.

Ban child labor

In order to ensure compliance with corporate social responsibilities and ethics, the company has clearly established work rules for employees and does not employ child labor.

Prohibition of forced labor

The company's regulations on employees' daily and weekly normal working hours and extended working hours, vacations, special leaves and other various leaves are in compliance with legal regulations. Do not force or coerce any unwilling person to perform labor services.

Physical and mental health and work balance

The company provides venues or sponsorship funds to encourage employees to participate in healthy activities. Employees organize their own clubs to gather the emotions of colleagues through club activities, and hold annual meetings and other activities to adjust employees' physical and mental health and unite their cohesion.

Human rights protection training practices

Newcomer training - Upon arrival, they are required to go online to conduct relevant legal compliance advocacy, including: sexual harassment prevention, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, implementation of working hour management, ensuring humane treatment and a healthy and safe working environment.

Prevention of workplace violence - Through advocacy and public announcements, employees are made aware of their responsibilities to assist and reasonably avoid illegal violations in the workplace during the performance of their duties, and the complaint hotline is disclosed to create a friendly working environment.

Occupational safety training series - annual education content includes: safety and health education and training, fire safety training, emergency response, first aid personnel training, etc.

Integrity and Moral Advocacy - Education and advocacy from daily behaviors and ethical standards, in order to provide a healthy and positive workplace culture.

Grievance system

The company has a smooth complaint channel. If colleagues encounter various problems within the company, they can submit complaints to supervisors at all levels and the human resources department through the company's complaint channel. In addition, in order to maintain gender equality at work and provide employees and job seekers with a working and service environment free from sexual harassment, a dedicated complaint mailbox and email address for sexual harassment prevention and control are set up. During the investigation of complaints, all complaints will be handled in a confidential manner, and the name of the complainant or other relevant information sufficient to identify the complainant will not be disclosed to protect the complainant.


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