Business ethics policy

Business ethics policy

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1. General principles

To ensure business relationships in which all market participants contribute, a company must understand the needs of its stakeholders and work with them with honesty, mutual respect and integrity, including the company's customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties. .

The company needs to be competitive and everyone in the company must always follow the law and conduct business fairly.

We are a responsible company committed to meeting our obligations and building long-term, stable relationships.

2. Integrity management 

The company should treat its customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and other stakeholders in an honest and ethical manner, and prohibit any form of corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

The Company should treat others fairly and must not take advantage of others or obtain improper benefits through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileges or undisclosed information, false presentation of important facts, or any other unfair trading practices. 

The company has formulated a clear "Code of Conduct" that regulates business ethics. Prohibitions include but are not limited to: kickbacks, bribery, corruption, illegal payments, etc. 

The company should communicate this policy widely to employees, managers, supervisors, customers and suppliers. 

The company regularly conducts training on business ethics for employees and management. 

The company's business ethics policy should be included in the company's contracts with suppliers. 

The company has procedures in place to investigate allegations of ethical misconduct. 

The company has clearly defined the specific consequences that will result from violating this policy through Disciplinary Regulations. 

The company regularly conducts employee surveys and employee sample interviews to assess employees' understanding and mastery of this policy. 

3. Appropriate exchange of gifts and entertainment 

The Company only gives or accepts gifts and entertainment that are for business purposes and are insignificant or infrequent. 

The exchange of gifts and entertainment for the purpose of legitimate business activities promotes constructive relationships with third parties. However, gifts and entertainment should not influence or have the potential to influence the impartial decision-making of Company employees or any third party. Gifts and entertainment should never be offered or accepted in exchange for preferential treatment in any business transaction. Certain gifts and entertainment can destroy trust in a company and must be avoided. This includes gifts and entertainment that may constitute a bribe, raise suspicions about a conflict of interest about you or the company, or cause damage to the company's reputation. 

It is never correct to attempt to provide personal benefits to government officials or other individuals to influence decisions. The Company supports laws and regulations prohibiting bribery and corruption, which often include strict rules regarding gifts and entertainment involving officials and other third parties. 

"Travel and entertainment" is another strictly regulated activity that includes paying third parties (such as government officials or employees of business groups) for travel, lodging or daily expenses in connection with visiting a company's offices, sites or other locations for the purpose of promoting , demonstrate and explain the advantages of our products, services or technologies. The Company always follows laws or guidelines regarding entertainment of government officials and any other business partners. 

“Gifts and entertainment” includes anything of value given or received by an individual or a member of his or her family.


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