1. Diversified business model
    One-stop supply chain logistics service provider
  2. 18 years logistics professional technical team
    Full one-to-one project systematic process management
  3. 150,000 square feet
    WMS & TMS warehouse integrated solution
  1. International freight forwarding
    A full range of international logistics services, providing sea, air, booking, trailer, interior, customs clearance, insurance and other services
  2. Road freight transport
    National road transport services, short-distance distribution, medium and long distance vehicle transport, door-to-door direct service
  3. Large road transport
    Undertake large equipment transportation, super long, super wide, super high, overweight large object transportation services.
  4. Less-than-carload special line distribution
    The national logistics line less than carload distribution service, direct access to more than 400 large and medium-sized cities across the country.
  5. Warehouse integration service
    Provide one-stop warehouse rental, hosting, delivery, logistics and distribution of one-stop warehouse integration services.
  6. Other integrated services
    Provide labor outsourcing, labor dispatch, handling, packaging design, information management and other services.
About Us
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient and low-cost one-stop supply chain logistics integrated solutions
Shanghai Qingqing Logistics Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supply chain logistics service enterprise integrating international freight forwarding, road cargo transportation, large road transportation, warehouse allocation integration service, less-than-carload special line distribution, packaging design, information management, etc. We are committed to providing our customers with a full range of logistics and warehousing solutions to optimize supply chain processes, reduce operating costs and ensure efficient logistics operations. The company was founded in 2005, headquartered in Shanghai, China, after years of development, we have established a wide range of logistics and warehousing network across the country, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Changzhou, Shijiazhuang and other cities.
At present, the company focuses on the development of international overseas business, import and export containers, large export, whole ship, bulk ship business, and a number of direct shippers have long-term stable cooperative relations, timely and accurate shipping information and high-quality transportation services, to provide customers with one-stop integrated international logistics services.
  1. Effective cost control
  2. Perfect logistics system
  3. Professional pre-sales and after-sales service
Business partner
Qingqing Logistics has 18 years of refined logistics service experience, focusing on providing refined logistics solutions for top 500 enterprises and well-known enterprises.
Honor and qualification
  1. QMS
  2. OHSMS
  3. EMS
  4. ecovadis

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